White Utopia All Season Comforter

White Utopia All Season Comforter
  • Queen comforter duvet insert measures 88 inches by 88 inches; Fluffy looking comforter with 250gsm filling features piped edges with an elegant style box stitching that prevent the fill from shifting
  • This soft and lightweight comforter let you make your bed easily in the morning and still give you comfortable sleep even on the coldest winter nights
  • Brushed fabric gives superior comfort against your skin; siliconized fiber fill keeps you warm and cozy while you sleep
  • Machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry on low when needed
  • The Down Alternative Comforter is tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to ensure that you are not exposed to harmful substances

Heavenly Sleeping Experience

Our Plush Siliconized Fiberfill Down Alternative Comforter provides you with a heavenly sleeping experience. Snuggle with this soft, fluffy fiber-filled cloud shaped comforter to indulge in a blissful sleep. Donโ€™t be surprised if you sleep through your alarm. Our comforter promises sweet vacation-quality slumber.

This comforter also has the characteristics similar to a duvet. The duvet fit snugly inside a duvet cover which can be removed and washed when needed. With duvet covers, you can also quickly and easily change the look of your bed and room without having to completely redecorate.

Classic Box Pattern and Piped Edges

Drift off to a peaceful sleep surrounded by the warmth of our lofty, box-stitch quilting comforter. Our classic box pattern with strong piped edges creates walls between top and bottom layers preventing polyester filling from clumping and shifting. The filling also remains evenly distributed over you, providing a uniform cloudy surface for a blissful sleep in any climate.

Piping on the seams also adds to the overall durability of the comforter. Our white down alternative comforter puff to loft more fully for a heavenly sleep experience that's second to none.


Exquisite year round comfort awaits you with our Plush Siliconized Fiberfill Down Alternative Comforter. The density of the comforter is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). It is the indicator of its warmth and weight. Packed with 250GSM, this comforter strikes a perfect balance between warmth and comfort. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, and best of all it fluffs incredibly. This would give you a cozy feel and the most relaxing sleep at night. Also, it lets you make your bed easily in the morning.

All โ€“ Season Comforter

This classic style of down comforter, is suitable for all weathers. Itโ€™s soft and have the finest quality of stitching to give a comfortable and reliable sleep all night.

Provides a cooling sensation in warm summer nights while a comfortable insulating warm winter nights as the box pattern allows keep the polyester filling evenly dispersed and breathable.

Care Instructions

Wash the comforter with the machine set on the gentle or delicate setting with two rinse cycles, using cold water. Add a small amount of mild or all-natural detergent. Too much soap can strip the down, so be sparing. Dry the comforter in an extra-large capacity dryer on the lowest temperature setting possible. This will take 2-3 hours, but you want to make certain that the down is completely dry, to prevent mold growth.

Wash your down comforters once a year at most. To keep them clean in between washings, cover them with duvet covers made of tightly woven material, and wash the duvet covers as often as needed.

Question: Is it hypo-allergenic?
Answer:ย Iโ€™m allergic to a lot of stuff also but this comforter doesnโ€™t give any allergy problem.. itโ€™s probably hypoallergenic.. I really love this product and I highly recommend it.
Question:ย Can I use this as is or do I need a cover for the comforter?
Answer:It's ur choice, either way it works fine.